The Power Of Wisdom In Robert Fagles The Odyssey

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dominates the land for superiority, as people try to claim the top spot. Although, the power of wisdom does not just happen after finishing a textbook; rather, it is built up over time from lessons and morals that are learned from an adventure. In Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey (translation by Robert Fagles), many characters, including Odysseus, enmark on their own journeys to discover themselves. However, power corrupts the land of mortals and gods, as each man and women exploit their own powers in the world. Even if their strength is missing or courage is weakened, the power of the sea, trickery, and loss always breaks through bringing new outlooks on the world.
Raging waves crawl across the sea, until they break on the sandy shores. The power of the sea is brutal as the god of earthquakes generates the next storm. Many try to fight the strength of the ocean, but not all of them succeed. From
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From outwitting the suitors to creating a devious plan to escape Polyphemus, Odysseus is always one step ahead of the game. These tactics have defined Odysseus as the man everyone knows him as. Specifically, the gods remember the intense moment where Odysseus tried to save his crew by saying, “Nobody—that’s my name. Nobody—so my mother and father call me, all my friends” (9. 410-411) setting up his master plan to escape without stirring up too much mischief on the island. In addition, Odysseus demonstrates more of his cunning ways when he arrives back in Ithaca. With a deft plan in mind, Odysseus begins to rely on his roots of trickery and strength to stay in character throughout the plan. Though once it was time to start the plan Odysseus asked himself, “how can I get these shameless suitors in my clutches?” (20.48-50). However, the power of trickery pulls through leading Odysseus to victory in his hometown. All it took was a little mischief to turn a plan into

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