Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' After You Believe '

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In chapter three of "After you Believe" N.T Wrights explains the human calling to reign over creation and ultimately achieve God’s vocation as well as intended image for humankind. PUT TRANSITION. In the creation account found in Genesis, humans are given reign and dominion over all of creation. The author explores and deconstructs what the word ‘reign’ implies in context with the creation story. It is highly unlikely and borderline ludicrous that God bestowed upon us a ‘reign’ to destroy the beautiful world that He formed. Nature is a project that humans should protect and maintain as stewards over the earth, not conquerers. As humans, we need to enable God’s creation. We should not only allow the plants and animals to flourish, but aid them in their growth. As stewards it is not only an obligation but a duty to care for the earth which will ultimately glorify the image of God. Wright suggests that God gave humans dominion over creation in order to teach us what being created in God’s image is about. A dominion that is not to be abused but rather one to encourage sustenance and growth which ties into a lesson of sovereignty will teach us virtue (76). Early Christians believed that Jesus inaugurated and restored God’s rule over creation. Humans were to sing praises of creation to God, the creator, to further glorify His name and acts (77). The author states that there are two vocations of the people of God, worship in order to praise the creator and reigning with…

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