Analysis Of Have A Little Faith By Mitch Albom

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Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom is an excellent book about faith. The author has a great experience and a master’s degree in journalism, which gives him the skills to write books. Additionally, as a child, his schools and university were religious, which gives him the knowledge to write about faith. Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and The First Phone Call from Heaven are just three of the 42 books he has written. Furthermore, this book has great points about life lessons and faith, but these three are the most important to me: money could be used in different ways but it does not determine happiness, getting to know people, and giving second chances, and accepting all different religions.
Have a Little Faith is
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In Meet the Reb, Albom goes to the Reb’s house for the first time. In the chapter A Little History, the author talks about how religious he was thanks to his parents, but then, as he grew up, he walked away. Life of Henry, explains the life of Covington: how poor he was as a child and how he thought God was a big cloud with eyes. In The File on God, Albom asks the Reb why he has so many files, and he spots a file named God and asks the Reb about it. The House of Peace, when Covington was 10 years old, he accepts Jesus as his savior for the first time. In The Daily Grind of Faith, Albom describes how good Albert Lewis was when it came to preaching and how he become a Reb. In Ritual, the author talks about how Albert Lewis wants to keep his traditions to feel connected with the past generations and future generations. In The End of Spring, Albom describes how he does not really enjoy life and he does not have a purpose compared to religious people. The Things We Lose… Covington regrets what he is going through in prison, and he regrets the day he was born and God sent him a clue but did not listen. In Community, Albert Lewis …show more content…
As humans, we love making mistakes. One of our biggest mistakes is running away from God, but when things go wrong, we go back to him. The author perfectly states this quote as he describes Pastor Covington, “He was following man’s sad tradition of running to God when all else fails. He had done it before, turned his face to the heavens, only to return to new trouble when the current trouble passed (94).”. Continuously, God gives us infinite chances, but most of the times, people do not learn the lesson and go back to the bad habits they had. Pastor Henry says this on his mind; “He told himself the Lord was giving him another chance. The Lord was being merciful. The Lord was giving him another chance. And the Lord did not want him stealing anymore, using drugs anymore, or terrorizing people anymore. And perhaps it was true. But he still did not listen (75).”. Contrarily, when people do change, others do not want to give them a second change. So, they want to treat and judge them like the old person they used to be, but it should not be like that. When a person changes, people should give them another opportunity to know the new person and how much they changed. For example, Pastor Henry preached these words; “They just looked at his past. And when we’re still looking at our old selves through our past, we’re not seeing what God has done. What He can do! We’re not seeing the little things that happen in our lives

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