Relationship Between Religion And Ecology Essay

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The discussion of the relationship between religion and ecology has sparked a huge debate across the world. Does ecology fall under the bubble of religion? Throughout this course we have been learning how hard it is to define religion and how diverse religion is. With many different types of religion and interpretations of God, it becomes difficult to find a common ground in the debate of religion and ecology. This essay will examine how religion and ecology correlate with one another as well as to produce a better understanding of how to approach the topic. To begin this discussion lets head to the Gamo Highlands in Ethiopia. Ever since the beginning of agriculture 10,000 years ago, the Gamo Highlands have been the perfect example of humans balancing both aspects of religion and ecology. The Gamo is a simple place untouched by the modern world. They implement natural resources into traditional farming methods, while remaining thankful for them. The Gamo uses a set of laws called Wagas to keep the well-enforced traditional ideologies in place. It comes from the belief that “everything is connected and bound in a delicate balance.” Combined, this creates a “system that dictates everything from interpersonal relationships to the conservation and preservation of a pasture, forest, soil, and water.” However, this natural balance that has worked since the beginning of time and has become endangered of falling apart due to the invasion of outside religions. When Evangelical…

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