Essay On The Apostle's Creed

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A creed is an outline of Christian religious belief and faith. The use of creed came within the first few hundred years after the death of Christ. The Apostle’s Creed is the most referred creed. The Apostle’s Creed or the Christian Creed is the oldest, most significant and most widely known Christian statement of faith.

The Apostle’s creed is a summary of the teachings of the Apostle’s. It gives an outline of life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The creed in a way gives a sense of hope and provides a basis to interpret what Jesus’ apostle’s preached after Jesus’ resurrection. Johnson believes that the Apostle’s creed can construct a world that is purely based on Christian myth and scriptures In life we are required to give meaning to the world and in this way life is constantly under scrutiny for every aspect for it. This approach can help people experience the nature of the religion throughout their life with the different interpretations (2003).

I believe the Apostle’s creed can be interpreted in many different ways to different people. However, this sometimes leads to the risk of it being opposed or ridiculed from the traditional interpretation that should be intended. I think it gives a sense of hope and fulfilment to Christians in their
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The three ‘I believe’ statements in the Apostles’ Creed are used to explain who is God and what he is doing in the world. It states, “I believe in God… I believe in Jesus Christ… I believe in the Holy Spirit” (Christian Reformed Church, 2015). As the creed is seen as the proclamation of Christian faith, we can see faith as something personal and subjective. “Christian apologetics have always involved giving reasons for faith; thus it is an effort to bring faith and reason into harmony” (Rausch, pp. 4, 2008). The creed is not verified by facts observable to all. This is the whole point of having faith in something, to believe in something greater than

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