Analysis Of The Article ' The Price Of Perfection ' Essay

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“The heel of my foot become odiferous and deteriorated. Because of the pain in my foot, my whole body became emaciated. My face color changed and I couldn’t sleep at night.” recalled a woman in the article The Price of Perfection by Robin Henig. This is one of the cases women went through in their quest for beauty. Almost everyone is preoccupied and obsessed with the fact of perfection. Moreover, many have dealt with the dissatisfaction of less confidence at one point in their life. Insecurities are tearing people apart and giving them nightmares. Henig proves the concept of women suffering by introducing all the tortures that women experienced. In the article, HERS; Made to Measure, Lucy Ferris shared her own story and her views on breast implantation. She discussed how she wanted large breasts more than anything else. On top of that, she also felt that breasts truly defined her as a woman which is not true, generally. On the article, Body of Evidence, Giovanna Breu introduced the story of Jenny Jones. Additionally, they had similar story in their life but their paths were different. However, in the end, they realized breast implantation was just not for them. Throughout history, from head to toe just about every body part has been manipulated to achieve a specific cultural ideal of perfection.

Natalie Portman once stated “Breast implant gross me out. I don’t think they are attractive at all.” There are various opinions among women regarding breast implants. Some women…

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