Road To Revolution Dbq Analysis

Road to Revolution

The American Colonies were justified in waging war and breaking away from Britain because of the unconstitutional laws placed on them by the British Parliament; as well as the tyrannical rule the Britain enforced over them.

The American colonialists had every right to rebel against Britain because of the unconstitutional laws being enforced over them by said Parliament. The Stamp Act was a law passed by the British Parliament on the Colonies in 1765 which required a tax to be paid for the approval of any printed and sold document; such as: newspapers, playing cards, legal documents, posters, etc. This was the first time in the history of the colonies that they had been taxed, unknowingly, and unjustly. The law was
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We see, in Document 12, how despite the humble petitions from the colonists to the King, over matters in which the King’s responsibility was and is to hear out his citizen and work to appease them, they would be punished and harmed for appealing the King. The Document goes on to say how a king who behaves this way is a tyrant and unfit to rule. A king prioritizes his people and serves them. (Document 7) A king cannot claim to rule over people 's’ “[natural rights].. of life and liberty,” if he does then “he puts himself in a position of war,” and his people have a right to kill him. (Document 8) However, in the colonies, the King was not the only tyrant; but so was Parliament. Soon After the repeal of the Stamp Act, Parliament passed the Declaratory Act. An act which entitled them to “make bind the colonies and the people of the Crown of Britain.” (Documents 6 & 11) How could anyone live under such tyranny? The colonists were just supposed to lay down and accept this complete control over their lives? No man with a spirit and a desire for freedom, something which all men are entitled to, would. And when the colonies rose up against the king for their freedom, they were met with a massacre; the Boston Massacre. A massacre where British troops opened fire on a group of colonists as seen in Document 4. How else would, could, the country react to this show …show more content…
No, the colonists lived under a tyrant who tried to control every aspect of their lives. Who attempted to force his every whim onto the colonists. It is this reason why their revolution is justified. The fact that no man is required to give his freedom to another man. The role of a government or king is to regulate the freedoms people to chose to give up in return for a judicial system and an executive system whose jobs are to protect and work for the safety and happiness of the public (Document 8) Something Great Britan did not do for the American

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