Analysis Of The Article ' Rim Is Dead ' By Henry Blodget Essay

1239 Words Apr 9th, 2016 null Page
In the article “RIM Is Dead”, the author Henry Blodget brought the argument on the seemingly inevitable demise of RIM to surface. He is conviced this is because RIM lacks innovation, and relevancy in the smartphone market, which has effected the once leader of the market to the point they now face a threat of closure. The key concepts that the article revolves around are competition, revolution, consumer, and overall the market surrounding smart phones. A conceptual question that could be created by the reader as they analyze the passage is: “What changes need to be made to better RIM’s positioning in the smart phone market.” This being an analytical assessment, I will evaluate the concepts of innovation and business, while assessing the three supporting arguments he brings to surface; the capabilities of RIMS Blackberry regarding relevance, application development, and loss of interest in the business sector, and the most serious fallacy found in Blodget’s hidden argument; the fallacy of slippery slope. Henry Blodget brings up two key concepts throughout his piece; revolution and the smart phone, to illustrate the importance of altering RIMS business plan in order to stay at par with their competitors and lower the risk of going under. By understanding the importance for both concepts while analyzing the flaws RIM holds regarding the concepts a likely solution can be predicted. First the term revolution can be found in the beginning and ending of this article, but the…

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