Analysis Of The Article ' Four Faces Of Jesus ' Essay

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In the article “Four Faces of Jesus,” the four gospels Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John each portray Jesus as different versions of the same person. The use of different audiences was influential to the different interpretations of each of their messages; Mark wrote to the Romans, Matthew wrote to the Jews, Luke wrote to the Turks, and John wrote to the Greeks. These different cultures allow each message that each gospel represents to be understood by the people.
The empathy of Jesus of Nazareth is made apparent in the first Gospel, written by Mark. Mark began his writing shortly after the persecution of the Christians by the Romans, we know of the many accounts of his abilities. Word had spread that Jesus, the Messiah, could cure anyone. “They brought to him all who were ill and possessed by demons,” and with the simple words of Jesus those people were healed (Smith 2). Crowds began to gather with the hopes of seeing Jesus, even those who doubted Him. Jesus’ willingness to do anything for those suffering and the lack of such compassion from the common people would lead to his frustration. Jesus’ display of emotions shows how he can relate to us. Mark’s gospel challenges me to live my life with more empathy because of the way Mark portrays Jesus as an empathetic, compassionate, and sympathetic human being.
“Where Mark’s Jesus had much to show us, Matthew’s Jesus had much to tell us”, in other words Matthew depicts Jesus as an advocate of the word of God as Moses once did…

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