Analysis Of The Article ' Do No Harm ' Essay

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In this case, a reporter writing about the story post-denial needs to point out that the allegations have been denied, but not refuted. Both Edwards and Hunter seemingly became rather quiet after the media started paying closer attention to it, which sort of seems shady to me. If there really was nothing to hide, then both Edwards and Hunter should’ve been more willing to talk about what really went on. In addition, Edwards wouldn’t have dropped out seven months before the Beverly Hills hotel incident (Gilsinan, 2008). For journalists who follow the ethical codes when writing a story, the concept of “do no harm” comes to mind when debating writing the story post-denial to begin with. With Edwards’s wife stricken with cancer for a second time, and both sides denying the scandal, it seems unclear whether the story is ethical to write. On the other hand though, I think that the “do no harm” clause needs to be judged on a weight scale. While continuing the articles could create negative commentary towards Edwards, his family and Hunter, not informing the public would outweigh those costs. Since Edwards is a public figure running for the POTUS, it would be unethical not to provide the public with all of the information to make an informed decision during elections. Before the Edwards case came to rise, another political figure was charged with similar allegations, but legacy media paid a bit more attention to the allegations. Primarily, the case began when Newsweek, an…

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