Analysis Of Tecumseh And The Quest For Indian Leadership

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Carolyn Hook
Professor Menzing
History 117 MW 5:30 pm
July 30, 2017
Looking at Tecumseh life as a warrior and leader according to the book Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership by R. David Edmunds. In the first few chapters of the book by Mr. Edmunds, he talks about the early life of Tecumseh family. Tecumseh was the fifth child more to his parents he had several brothers and sisters. In about 1774 in an attack at Point Pleasant his father Puckeshinwa was killed by the British which left a big void in the family's life. The older children and some of the tribe's people tried to help provide for the family by giving them food, and different items to help them survive, time was hard for everyone at this stage. Due to an attack
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He would not sign a treaty if it meant they would have to concede their land, hunting areas. But the American’s kept pushing and pushing the Indians further and further off their land. The few things we did give them was diseases, hunger, and broken treaties. So Tecumseh started a war party which traveled up and down the Ohio Valley and great lakes region trying to get all the tribes and Indian people to come together and fights against the Americans to save their land and traditions. He could not find enough warriors that would fight, they all just wanted to be at peace and felt they should not fight and cause any new problems for them. They kept signing new treaties each time we would move them off their land and make promises which we never would keep. Tecumseh still could not get his fellow tribesmen to rally together to fight. But day his younger brother who they thought had drunk himself to death. He woke up and said he had a vision and that the Indians should go back to their old Indian traditions and leave all things good and bad that the whites or Americans had given them behind and he his younger brother became a medicine and holy man and together they would campaign for the Indians to come …show more content…
David Edmunds titled Tecumseh in Retrospect talks about how even the “American men who had opposed Tecumseh, had exclaimed, exhaled, gloried him.”( Edmunds pg 205) “Lewis Cass described him as a man of more enlarged views than are often found among the Indian Chiefs; a brave warrior and a skillful leader, politic in his measures and firm in his purpose.” (Edmunds pg 205) “John Johnston who had served as an Indian agent for the Shawnees, rank Tecumseh as amoung the great men of his race, who aimed at the independence of his people by a nation of all the Indians, North and South, against the encroachments of the whites. (Edmunds pg 205) “Had he appeared fifty years sooner he might have set bounds to the Anglo-Saxon race in the West” (Edmunds pg 205) Even Harrison had good to say about him he stated “ one of those uncommon geniuses, which spring up occasionally to produce revolutions and overturn the established order of things… No difficulties deter him… Wherever he goes, he makes an impression favorable to his purpose.” ( Edmunds pg 205,206) So after his death men though good about him and he became a myth and a legend of his

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