Analysis Of Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do

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Taylor Swift, with her music video, “Look What You Made Me Do”, engages the viewer using several different methods. The video includes hidden messages and secrets which encourages the viewer to examine the video carefully. In the video, she also trash talks other celebrities – a headline grabbing stunt. In addition, because it is her first music video to be released in quite some time, viewers have been waiting with bated breath. Taylor Swift, always a master at using these methods, really outdoes herself with “Look What You Made Me Do”.
As she has often done in other work, Taylor Swift included a lot of hidden messages and secrets in this music video. In one scene she is sitting on a throne that has the words “Et tu, Brute?” on it, which is a reference to the line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar where Julius was being stabbed by his friend Brutus. Julius said this to Brutus because he was his closest friend/ally, and yet Brutus betrayed him by stabbing him. This is drawing a similarity to how Taylor and Katy Perry (another celebrity music artist) had been best friends until Taylor was stabbed in the back
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The scene involves male dancers wearing black t-shirts that read “I Love Taylor Swift”, a slam on Tom because wore a similar shirt while trying to notify the public of their relationship. This incident led Taylor to break off the relationship because she didn’t want their relationship to be public. The last person for Taylor to trash talk in this video is Calvin Harris, another of Taylor’s former boyfriends. A scene in the video shows a tombstone with the name “Nils Sjoberg” carved into it – alluding to a pseudonym she used while working on a song with Calvin that he later recorded with Rihanna, another female celebrity music artist. Because Calvin performed the song with someone else, Taylor will never write another song with Calvin – thus the death of “Nils

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