Analysis Of Tamer 's Breaking Knees Essay

1484 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
One of the central themes in Tamer’s Breaking Knees is oppression of religion in Syria. Religion in Syria in the modern era is a complicated topic. Some groups, such as terrorist groups al-Qaeda and ISIL portray strict, violent Islamism whereas for many other people in Syria religion is a matter of familial tradition and faith rather than violence. One example of violence associated with religion in Breaking Knees is when, in story 15, it is implied that the sheikh has a man killed due to the man allegedly spreading malicious rumors about the sheikh’s dedication to his faith. The sheikh states to the man that reports this slight, “It is the duty of every Muslim to fight godlessness. Every believer who rids the world of a godless man will enter Paradise without being held to account” (Tamer, 24). For Tamer to write a story detailing a sheikh who has a man murdered for an alleged trivial slight, significant religious tensions are implied. While the establishment of the Islamic religion in Syria is decidedly separate from the corrupt state on which Tamer focusses his criticism, this establishment is not free from his ire. A religious establishment within a country that will have men assassinated for speaking out against it seems more reminiscent of the radical Islamic militant groups and of the government itself than of an organization seeking to offer spiritual aide and support to the people. Additionally, other stories within the collection portray religion in a different…

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