Analysis Of ' Sympathy For The Devil ' By Kent Anderson Essay

1554 Words Jun 9th, 2016 7 Pages
“Knowledge has a beginning but no end”. Whoever said this quote is a true believer in learning. Over the past semester, I have learned many things that have helped me in school but there are many things that also have helped me with the outside world. My own learning and education is something that will ultimately build my entire life. Books, writing, even Shakespeare 's Hamlet has given me skills that I could not acquire anywhere else. Reflection on the things I have learned over the past semester will even help me learn more things. First, There have been many characteristics and things I have learned from the choice independent books I have read over this semester. I believe what I learned the most was how to have courage to do things out of the ordinary. I learned that from the book “Sympathy for the Devil” by Kent Anderson. That interconnects with some other books I have read this semester as well. They have all had things to do with finding courage to do things that you are not used to doing. I believe that says that I like reading books where the main character has a problem that he/she can overcome and have the courage to overcome it. Most of the times the problem is an obstacle that he/she is not used to doing. This pattern in my reading is very unique I think. Most people stereotype me to be a jock who does nothing but plays sports and never picks up books or read. I love to play sports but I also like to read. The fact that i read books where the main character…

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