Analysis Of Sociological And Cultural Concepts In Boys Don T Cry

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The movie “Boys Don’t Cry” relates to this course by showing issues with a girl who wants to be a boy. She changes her image and then, she goes off to live as a boy in another town. The movie is relevant to this course because many time people are confused or maybe just unaccepted about things that happen in their life. Society doesn’t agree with everything that is presented to them so it makes you change who you are to fit the standard and be accepted.
The story in this film was presented with a girl by the name of Teena. Teena was living in Lincoln, Nebraska being shut out by everyone because she was a girl preferred having relations with people of the same gender. Teena grew very tired of living in Lincoln so she changed her image by cutting
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The weakest issues were them not letting Brandon have a say in her part even though she lied, they didn’t care about Lana’s feeling or what she had to say on the situation.
Sociological/ Cultural Concepts in this movie are discrimination against Teena because she was different from the normal society. Sexual harassment played a part in the raping of Teena after they found out she was a girl. Abuse was another concept they beat her because they felt insecure that she was able to get a girl and she was a girl and also that she lied.
I can compare the theme of this of this movie to “The Gwen Araujo Story” it was about a boy who wanted to live his life as a woman. His family did not approve of the things he was doing, he met a guy who did not know he was a male. When the guy found out the relationship got kind of shaky but they loved one another. A group of guys lured Gwen in and killed him because they did not like his actions. Themes from this movie could be portrayed in the movie “Stepford Wives” where life gets rough. They start off new and then they figure out something are just not right in their

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