Analysis Of Dude You Re A Fag

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When I started reading Dude, You’re a fag by C.J. Pascoe, I thought it was going to be just another book about high school clichs and gossipy girls being mean. Boy was I wrong. This book explained a ton of patterns that I saw in high school every day but never picked up on. Many of which I still see in college to some extent. But this class being a sociology class, I see things in the real world that we’ve discussed in class all the time. So for this reason, it was pretty easy to find a couple parallels between the book and class. The five parallels I found being Gender, Race, Culture, Socialization, and
Although the main theme of the book is Masculinity, the closest thing we talked about in class was Gender and Gender inequality. In this book, Pascoe looks at the students of River High School and one of the things she finds is that there is a prominent fag
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Like I said earlier with gender, culture is socially constructed. So other than the influence the administration has, the actions, norms, sanctions, and high/pop culture are all constructed by the students. The apparent set of rules the students adhere to to avoid fag discourse are all made up more or less. The only people that determined that being in theatre is a sign of being a fag, are the students themselves. On a different note, but still dealing with what we covered in the culture section of class, is research ethics. Pascoe conducted this research very ethically. Firstly, she went to the school, and without hiding anything from administrators or the students, she very successfully got results. She took students out to lunch, and conducted interviews in a very ethical fashion. There were a couple of students named throughout the book, such as Ricky. It never tells us whether Ricky is his real name, but if it is, the confidentially in that case was a little

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