Analysis Of Smartphones, The Internet And Social Media Essays

2025 Words Oct 24th, 2014 null Page
Emerging technological developments and forms of communication such as the Internet and smartphones are changing the way that popular culture is both produced and consumed. Our social world is becoming shaped by these emergent technologies through such widespread use of devices such as smartphones and tablets. Through these devices and technologically advanced gadgets, the use of such applications like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and so on, are becoming the main source of information of what is seen as ‘popular’ and emergent in the modern era. This in turn redefines how many social aspects like how people communicate, the nature of social relationships and the use of public and domestic space is practiced. Through the analysis of smartphones, the Internet and social media, we can understand how our social world, on a global scale is now becoming shaped by such technological developments. The production of such technologies and goods will be questioned as well as how they are in fact consumed by the mass population.

To begin, to define what popular culture actually is, O’Brien & Szeman (2004, pp.2) discusses that there are variations of what can be considered as popular culture, or ‘pop culture’ and it consists of such aspects like products, texts, practices and so on, with a broader notion being the practices of everyday life which are enjoyed by the vast majority. Popular culture can also be defined as the various media such as music, films, fashion, television,…

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