Analysis Of The Likely Cause Of Addiction By Johann Hari

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Americans today do not realize they are slowly being separated from one another through electronics. Electronics have got to the point where they are extremely easy to obtain. In fact, the social media on those electronics is what is keeping people away from family and keeping them from going outside of the house and actually bonding with others. It has become a serious problem and it happens more and more each day as technology continues to advance. Johann Hari, the author of “The Likely Cause of Addiction” has called attention towards realizing that addictions like this are a huge problem. Hari talks about how it is way too easy to be disconnected from society and how it will become worse. The american people today are disconnecting from their society because of social media and they do not realize it. More and more americans are being disconnected from society through social media because most individuals choose to stay at home. For example, back during the seventies the kids during that time did not have the technology we have today. They did not have internet, cell phones, or even …show more content…
Those individuals that are on the social media apps really do not care what is happening around them at that time when they are on that app because, they are so focused on their social media. It is absolutely outrageous that our societies have come to the point where most people would rather be on social media on their phones, than socializing with the people around them at that given time. Soon social media is a must have in everyone 's life just to stay connected with one another. One day technology will advance far enough to where social media will just blend its way into our life. Once it is in all of our lives it will start to disconnect people, one person at a time. Just like it is doing to most individuals at this given time in

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