Addiction In Society

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In a social structure, having no control with adverse effects to human inequality is addiction. Addiction is a habit or dependencies for something or someone that creates external and internal satisfaction to human behavior. Furthermore, addiction is classified as a social problem. It violates the core value of society where leaders of power must act to resolve the problem due to a pattern of negative behavior creating a damaging effect to the social structure. The negative behavior is responsible for homelessness, poverty, unemployment, lack of education, and mental health issues that add societies inequality. Society working as a whole is the only solution to resolving a social problem like addiction. The following paper is an explanation …show more content…
We as human being determine who we are by the way we interact and the role we play in society. The action we take as human being are conditioned. This human behavior is based on symbolic interactionist theory. It best describes addiction because the social growth within the problem of addiction is continued until changed through individual action. Symbolic interactionist suggest that human beings are created by a continuous interaction among other human beings. The human behavior is developed from a agreement to follow specific patterns that is reinforced by practicing the same patterns. Therefore, society can change the pattern of a behavior by changing the pattern of that behavior. For example, treating mental health with medication can aid the process of recovery in addiction by decrease the consequence of addiction which results in a reverse to the negative impact addiction has on the social structure’s power. Keys (2008) validates the effect of treating mental health. According to Keys (2008) in article “Myth-Making and Opiate Abuse” reads, “opiate addiction was not a criminal activity in which addicts focused on satisfying a craving for increasing levels of chemically-induced rapture through their opiates. Rather, continued use of opiates was driven by hopes of avoiding the horrors of withdrawal (p.181). Keys provides a solution to opiate …show more content…
Social problems are resolved by society to improve social structure because a social problem have a negative impact on society that is created from a social pattern. Social problems violate the core value of society’s norms and value. It is deviant human behavior in an oppositional culture. The elements required from a social problem are a pattern socially, a violation to society 's core values, a negative impact to those in power, and socially created. Social problem can have multiple dimension like

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