Jimmy Kimmel Live !: The Internet And The Internet

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In 2015, Canada saw an 80 per cent increase in the number of people who cancelled their cable subscription compared with 2014 (Harris, 2016). The “cord-cutting” phenomenon is spreading rapidly as more people start switching from the classic to the new media. Netflix, a subscription based service that offers a huge catalog of movies, series and shows on-demand, and YouTube, a website in which anybody can upload any video, are two major players. They are able to do so through a technology called streaming, which means to listen to a song or watch a video in real time via Internet instead of downloading it. With the popularisation of the Internet and faster speeds, it is now possible to watch any video in real time and in a good quality. While …show more content…
Broadcasters have learned the power of Internet and how YouTube can turn videos into viral, which means make millions of views in a short period of time via online sharing social websites. The TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, an American late-night talk show, truly understood the power of YouTube and, in 2013, produced a fake viral video called “Twerk Fail” that went viral with 18 million views. The “home-made” video consists of a girl “twerking”, falling down into a candle and ending up setting fire to her own pants. Weeks later, Kimmel exposed it as a fake viral produced by the TV show and the video gained another 20 million views, attracting great attention towards the talk-show. (Moylan, 2015). Nevertheless, some broadcasters are using the power of the Internet for more than just some viral marketing campaigns, they are using it regularly as part of the show itself. As observed by Moylan (2015), “YouTube has become integral to the success of many TV shows as the place where they post clips, highlights, trailers, previews, recaps and other goodies that don’t make their way directly into the show.” The TV show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is a great example of its kind, being broadcasted at HBO, its episodes and extra footage are always published on YouTube later on. By doing so, not only the show gets the chance of becoming viral and gaining attention towards itself, as it reaches far more people than it usually would, as the video becomes available worldwide, different from standard

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