Analysis Of Seth Grossman 's New York Times Article ' Donald Trump

735 Words Oct 1st, 2015 3 Pages
In Seth Grossman’s New York Times article “Donald Trump, Our Reality TV Candidate”, he argues that Trump’s presidential candidacy campaign is causing the United States to take politics less seriously than it needs to. This is an increasingly serious issue due to this generation’s lackadaisical attitude towards politicians and political issues in general. With the next presidential election coming in faster than we’d like, every vote counts and a disconcerting amount of young adults say they plan on voting for Trump. Why is this the case, considering Trump is the most hypocritical, blunt, and morally right-winged conservative candidate currently running? Well, the answer is hidden in the question. As Grossman states in his article, “Donald Trump is the presidential candidate that reality TV made.” As a filmmaker and reality television producer, Grossman has had much experience with reality TV stars and claims he “can tell in 30 seconds of a skype call if a person is worthy of a show.” One of the main attributes he looks for in a possible reality TV star is an eccentric personality that is capable of creating enough havoc to make a smash hit guilty-pleasure reality show. Generally this is someone that the audience will fall shamefully in love with hating; this is a pretty spot on description of Trump. Drawing specifically from 6 past experiences of his with reality TV stars, Grossman is able to analyze aspects of Trump’s personality by comparing it to theirs. In the end,…

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