Argumentative Essay On Removing America

America. When you hear this word you may think of freedom, liberty, patriotism, but is this what we as a country represent today? We are supposed to get along as a nation, fight for what is right, and protect ourselves from harm. We should be bringing reform to the lives of our citizens for the better. We should be able to trust our government and individuals that run this nation. We should be running beside our allies and against our enemies. We should be giving back to the ones who were brave enough to combat for us more than the ones who sit back and watch. We should be focusing on American lives first, then other countries after. But what are we doing? The presidency of Obama has lead to the opposite of these actions occurring in present day America. With Obama leading America, our future withholds an unstable environment and more harsh times than there already is. He has been misusing his power and is harming …show more content…
So what are we going to do? Instead of ignoring these problems we need a hero to lead us back to what this nation should be. This hero is SAW²C (Save America While We Can) and it will help America gain its freedom, liberty, and patriotism once again. SAWC is an organization that takes immediate actions to the issues obama has brought upon us. We are concentrated on removing Obama from office so that America can become dignified. One Problem that needs awareness is the hierarchy that obama is giving to the wrong people. Particularly individuals who have been working for as long as they can remember. In 2012, Obama created an Obama Phone. This is a plan that gives low income families a free cell phone and free minutes (“Obama Phone”). In other words, you get rewarded for not working. This seems like a good plan; however,

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