Analysis of Positioning the Connector 2001 Essay

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Netlink Inc. is about to introduce its newly developed handheld device, called the Connector, that marries wireless technology with PDA tools. Netlink Inc. is a joint venture of Conglomerate Inc., a major wireless carrier in the United States, and a domestic PC manufacturer. Conglomerate entered this venture not only to take a stake in a rapidly growing market, but also to attract new customers to its cellular services through Connector and similar products to be developed by Netlink. (1. 公司背景在一定程度上具有优势:a major wireless carrier+a domestic PC manufacturer,对新产品的研发和推广都是有利的;2. 公司的目的:参与到这一 rapidly growing market 中、通过这些新产品吸引新的移动通信服务客户。)

The Connector, model version 10L, would be Netlink's first major product introduction since the company
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The planned Connector 10L model will have the following features:
• True wireless access, i.e., instant voice and data transfer capabilities at any time (including use as a cellular phone, e-mail, etc.)
• Voice recording and software for voice recognition
• Monochrome, backlit monitor; for $20 a clip-on can be purchased that attaches to the monitor and magnifies the display

Although Netlink feels that Connector's purchase price is competitive, users will also have to enter a service contract with Conglomerate. According to the current plan it is about $50 a month fee for unlimited data transfers and a still to be set number of minutes of free phone use.
(所以价格= Connector+ $50/month for unlimited data transfer+ minutes of free phone use)

The two basic types of handheld:
Electronic Organizers (Handspring Visor Prism, Sony CLIE, Palm V, Palm VII, Connector 10L)
Pocket PC (Compaq Ipaq, HP Jornada, and Casio Cassiopeia) Pros: As most PocketPCs, they run Microsoft's Windows for PocketPC and come with many applications, which resemble specked-down versions of the MS Office suite. Their advantages include greater synchronization capabilities between the PDA and the PC, more memory, a greater range of accessories to be added to the devices (e.g., digital cameras, web cams). Cons:

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