Essay on Analysis Of Pender 's Health Promotion Theory

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Strengths Over the course of this class, I have discovered many strengths and skills I did not realize I had. One of the first classes we had, we listed what we thought our strengths were. Doing this activity, I did not realize that aspects that I thought are just part of who I am are actually strengths. Personal strengths influence interactions with others, decisions, and personality. When told in class to write down my strengths I listed; empathetic, great listener, compassionate, determined, open-minded, patient, artistic. After exploring personal strengths throughout the course of this class I believe that many of my personal strengths will help me in my future career and in my interactions with others.
• Discuss connections of strengths and field of nursing

Pender’s Health Promotion Theory Nola Pender created her health promotion model in 1982 and since then has been used as the main theory of nursing practice internationally. The model is based on the premise that characteristics and experiences of the individual affect actions specific to behaviors and affect and in turn affect outcomes specific to behavior (Pender, 1975). The core of Pender’s theory concentrates on individual characteristics and experiences, behavioral outcomes, and behavior-specific cognitions and affect. In the model, if a patient fulfills certain needs they can ascend to a higher level of health. The nurse must work with each patient differently and adjust to their unique challenges. Florence…

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