Analysis Of Paul Rodriguez 's Success Essays

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When we see the traditional Nike commercial, we usually get the sense that it always tries to sell you something to you. But this one is different. It brings you through the day in a life of a championship skateboarder, named Paul Rodriguez. Through the use of visual appeals, elements of design, and the relationships with others. Nike successfully reaches its intended audience and implies that all sports bring satisfaction. Paul Rodriguez started skateboarding from the age of twelve, and has escalated to become a big deal in the skateboarding community. His success in skateboarding ranges from recently opening his own company named Primitive Skateboards, winning both street league and the X Games gold medal in 2012, and his unique sponsorship with both Target and At&t. It 's unusual to see companies like theis promoting a skateboarder. I guess that means that they believe he can bring more customers due to his spike in popularity over the years. Paul 's devotion to Nike is his most successful sponsorship yet. Releasing over nine different models of shoes from the span of 2005-Present. Paul Rodriguez is a skateboarder who has worked hard his whole life to build a name for himself.
The first time I saw this commercial was on tv. I thought it was a big deal to the skateboarding community because it seem like we are finally rising up in popularity like other sports. The intended audience for this commercial are other skateboarders and people that participate in a larger…

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