Analysis Of PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

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Before the captivation of domesticated animals, humans used a specific type of food gathering to obtain meat called hunting. Just like with any other change in society, people will have objections and opinions about what is right and what is wrong. The men and women of today’s society have not fallen short with their opinions about hunting in any instance; opinions have only gotten stronger and more precise, so precise that an entire organization has been created in order to combat the very existence of hunting. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has become one of the biggest combatants of Animal Rights and how hunting is preventing these rights from being expressed. This organization has produced some very plausible, yet deniable, …show more content…
Why? Because the evidence they provide is only one sided. If PETA was to input both sides of the claims then the support for their organization would diminish drastically; the reason being, that people would see the falsely advertised information provided by PETA. To reiterate, PETA has begun stating claims supporting the idea that hunting causes: car crashes, corruption, wrongful conservation, and cruelty. These erratic claims have begun to outrage the hunting populace, especially because every single one of these claims have a much deeper root than PETA would like to express. Therefore, it’s up to the hunting populace to help put an end to these astronomical statements, and in order to accomplish this the entire population needs to conduct research on their own to establish a better means of knowledge on both subject matters. If this is completed by the population that doesn’t know about the claims, and even the populace that does, then this outrageous organization (PETA) can be overturned by factual information as was done here. The reason hunters have become so angered by the claims of PETA is because to them hunting is a way of life. There has been plenty of instances where, when someone messes with another’s way of life a feud begins between the two. As stated above, this way of life, hunting is not the root cause of: deer induced vehicular car crashes, troublesome young people, cruelty to animals, nor unpracticed conservation. There are underlying causes of these disastrous effects, of which were addressed

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