Analysis Of Orson Scott Card 's Game Essay

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Orson Scott Card’s definition of an outsider conveys an idea that outsiders can see things more clearly and are important to everyone around them. He compliments their stronger sense of self compared to the rest of people in society. Card mentions how an outsider has a unique perspective than everyone else and that great heroic deeds are made by outsiders because of this unique perspective. While there is a notion that outsiders are not important, it is clear that outsiders are necessary in keeping a balanced society because they notice the conflicts insiders don’t and can initiate change. In Ender’s Game, Ender Wiggins challenges the norms in his world as he grows into being the most important commander in history of mankind. He is an exceptional person with a unique set of skills that leads him to be very different from the rest of the soldiers in the military. As Ender is taken to battle school where he can develop qualities to become a superior leader, he encounters kids that oust him from the social circles because Ender is quite different from the rest. He realizes that he is an outsider and carries out disparate actions in a way nobody has seen. When Ender is just starting battle school, Colonel Graff, one of the heads of the military, says, “Isolate him enough that he remains creative – otherwise he’ll adopt the system here and we’ll lose him. At the same time, we need to make sure he keeps a strong ability to lead.” Graff insists that Ender is the change the…

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