Stolen Wool: A Short Story

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Old McDonald “Stolen Wool” One day there was a farmer named Old McDonald who wore just overalls and boots. He had a sheep even a little boy with red hair who was short and he lived down the lane and the grumpy neighbor who was old and very mad all the time. Rick wore black pants and a black coat with a grey wig and we call grumpy Rick he was the meanest most rudest person in their little town. Grumpy Rick had no heat air conditioning nor electricity. The day when it came to harvest some sheep wool. While he was shaving the sheep Old McDonald asked the little boy. “Who do you think would all want some wool,” said Old McDonald. “The little boy answered,” I’ll take a bag for my family maybe you could keep one bag and give the last …show more content…
“I think we can guess who did it so let’s go ask,” said the detective. “Knock knock”! “Who is there!” Yelled grumpy Rick. “We just want to ask a few questions,” replied the detective. “Did you take the wool from his farm,” questioned the detective.” “No,” Rick said nervously. “What were you doing then” ask the detective. “ I was getting a haircut on my sidewalk,” Rick told the detective. “So we saw the black hairs on your doorstep to but you have grey hair,” said the detective curiously. “Fine I stole it just because I didn’t have heat and I was walking around looking for a blanket but then I saw the nice warm wool so I took it I shouldn’t have done that but I did so you can have all of it back I’m sorry,” stated Ricky. “Well you should just ask I would gladly get you a nice warm blanket. Would still want this blanket,” said the farmer kindly. “Could I please,”said Rick. Well now Rick got his nice warm blanket and the farmer got to provide for everybody he needed to. Now Rick was not known as grumpy Rick now he is was very nice Rick and he spends every New Years with Old McDonald and have a great time during the

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