Analysis Of A Blt Of White Cloth Short Story

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The Effects of Everlasting Love Between People
Jackson Brown once said, “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own”. Everlasting true love between two people results in many positive outcomes, including happiness. In the short story “A Bolt of White Cloth” by Leon Rooke, a mysterious peddler approaches a couple that lives on a farm. He tries to sell a bolt of white cloth to them, which can only be bought by love. After the wife proves her love, the man finally decides to sell her the white, lustrous cloth. However, there is a hitch stating that if the couple ever stops loving each other, they would lose the cloth and everything else. As a result, the husband and wife love each other even more. There are a few main topics depicted throughout the short story, such as not taking things for granted, being generous, and the topic of love. Therefore, the short story “A Bolt of White Cloth” shows that everlasting and compassionate love brings happiness to people through the use of symbolism of the cloth, character of the couple, and imagery of the
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The cloth is a prominent symbol used throughout the short story. It symbolises the loving relationship between the couple, and the spread of happiness and love. The character of the wife and husband contributes to the theme as well. They have gone through harsh times, but they are now more loving than ever. A lot of imagery is present in the short story, with the most prominent ones being the long bolt of cloth and the dreary atmosphere that allows the wife and husband to progress into a stronger, more loving couple. A compassionate, loving relationship brings happiness, which is why love is such an important mutual feeling to possess between

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