The Meaning Of Love In True Love, By Wislawa Szymborska

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"There is only one happiness in life- to love and be loved." The single achievement all humans ache for is true love. Whether it is stated verbally or not, the thought of love always lingers in the back of the mind. A numerous amount of people believe happiness can not be achieved without a significant other, leading to the constant search for love. "True Love" questions the real meaning of love, if there even is one. The narrator witnesses the happiness couples possess while also debating if there is a purpose to developing emotions for a human being. After reading Wislawa Szymborska 's "True Love," superficial readers might assume the speaker denies the existence of true love, but in actuality, she yearns for true love and the intimacy it provides.

As the narrator questions deep affection, it can be interpreted that she frowns upon the idea of love. Szymborska strongly believes the prize for love is nonexistent as she claims that it is "for nothing." She has no faith in love; she believes that loving a person is unimportant. Additionally, she proposes the inquiry of "what does the world get from two people who exist in a world of their
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She questions why the "light" shines "on these two and not others;" however, patience is needed because love occurs when one is least expecting it. Not everybody falls in love at the same time, but few people might find their true love quicker than others; rushing into it may lead to an outcome that is the opposite of what one was dreaming for. Although, even a non-superficial reader can sense that Szymorska 's reasons seem as if they are excuses. The narrator continues to extract her anger on the "unfairness" of love, claiming that it disrupts our principles; however, what she fails to realize is that a distraction will always appear whether it be love or not. As she continues, a change of tone occurs by the

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