Essay about Analysis Of Michael Berube 's And Anthony Petrosky 's Text

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My writing A good academic writer is one who includes evidence, structure, specifics, and facts to prove a point. I 'll be taking in account two positions that I have encountered in what I’ve read, in Michael Berube’s and Anthony Petrosky’s text. Berube talks about how analyzing is better than summarizing a paper. As in giving all what good academic writing is. My experiences with writing is horrible, I sit in my room for hours trying to figure out what my first sentence should be. What I value when I write is the time I spend actually writing. I over think too much and I’ll sit here and think of what my conclusion will be before I even get to it. I dwell on the introduction, and it 's just a struggle for me but at the end of the day I still believe myself that my writing is good. I bet others think the same as well. I do exactly what I 'm not supposed to do on a paper for over thinking it. Petrosky talks about “ways of reading”. I value books that i 've read throughout my life, because of the fact that books, help people and even me, actually become a better reader, and better at understanding things. What I think determines a good essay or what makes good academic writing is the way someone reads and interprets it, and the way they are able to understand as well. I can read a book and re-read a sentence probably about three to four times, trying to figure out how the author wanted me to read it. But overall knowing how to read is an extra help for my writing. I find…

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