Mercy Otis-Warren Argumentative Analysis

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Mercy Otis-Warren was among the first influential women in America. She was opposed to many things that the Federalist Americans brought about including many forms of the constitution and the Federalist Party. Warren in many aspects proved that she could create a better form of both the government and the constitution through the eighteen viewpoints listed in her writing, she expressed thoughts of the constitution and the federalist party that portrayed an evil like presence to the newly founded society, and did so in a manner that represented the anti-federalist party and what this party wanted for America. Throughout the writing known as, “Observations on the New Constitution” Mercy Otis Warren expressed many beliefs and ideas that suggested the Constitution and Federalist Party stripped America of many rights that they had once battled …show more content…
The Federalist Party believed in running country based on the containment of power within the central government, and therefore they would be able to control the states. However, the anti-federalist viewed the government as a source to keep the country intact, but allow the people to make and have their own freedom. Generally, in the aspect of viewing two different political parties, one supported the exact opposite of what the other wanted. In regards to the constitution, the anti-federalist concluded that the constitution gave too much power to both the government as well as those involved with the government, and it did little to protect those that protect the country. Presumably Warren and the anti-federals viewed an ideal society as one that remained small with a state government that aided its people as much as possible. Therefore, when the constitution was discovered it opposed all beliefs held by Warren and struck up the point to keep the power limited and keep the country

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