Pop Song Video Analysis

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The music video for the pop song M.I.L.F $ by Fergie has gotten a lot of media attention and hype because it portrays famous mothers who are known for their sexuality in the media. It just recently was released on July 1, 2016. The message Fergie wanted viewers to obtain from this video is that once you become a mother, your sexuality should not be taken away from you and you should be allowed to own your body and yourself as a sexual woman without backlash from the media (much like the backlash Kim Kardashian faced for being a mother and posting nude selfies.) This message is important and one of female empowerment, and I think the music video depicts it well. The foundation of female empowerment is arguable because of the slight presence …show more content…
They are independent, as shown in the lyrics “Cause I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Do you know what that means? Can 't see me B-R-O-K-E I 'm P-A-I-D.” are able to pay for everything they own, and have no male partner with them in the video, it is mostly about them and their own accomplishments that aren’t overshadowed by the achievements of men. Another lyrical example is when she says “Been working extra service to give it to ya /didn’t mean to make you nervous”, which is her expressing how men always get nervous around strong, independent women who are able to pay for themselves. The reason so many of these sexualized videos are so problematic is because they are male dominated, the women are completely submissive to them and are viewed as shells of a woman. They lack the multi-dimensions that every woman possesses, like her intelligence, hard work, humor, motherhood. The “pornographic image”, as discussed in “Dreamworlds,” projects the male, heterosexual, adolescent fantasy onto these videos and creates a nightmare for women in real life. This video does the opposite and empowers women to embrace their bodies and to feel confident in them even after they hit motherhood. This is extremely important because men and the media tend to have feelings of disgust towards women that have a child and view them as “damaged goods” or “used.” After a baby comes out of the vagina, it’s no good for them, as if all men are entitled to it.

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