Gender In The Song Beyonce

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Many of the songs out there have many derogatory lyrics mostly towards women, but a few out there towards the role of men. Beyonce, a prominent female artist out there and did a very popular song with millions of views about double standards on both genders, mainly men. If I were a boy was just that song where men were interpreted as the bad guys and the girls are taken advantage of. The representation of the male gender is negatively expressed throughout the song. Furthermore, the women, although are not represented a great amount, they still are conveyed as the ones who suffer at the hands of a man. The relationship between a man and a women in the song basically entitles that neither gender gets what they want. Role reversal is an occurrence …show more content…
A couple, where a man gets to do anything he wants while the women waits at home being faithful. ¨Cause he’s taken you for granted/ And everything you had got destroyed¨ (Beyonce). Men go day by day doing whatever they want knowing that they have a women at home, while the womenś heart don´t want to believe that there husband can do anything remotely close to being unfaithful. Which causes the relationship to slowly demolish into the point of not ever being able to repair it. It shows that if the woman is ignorant of what 's going on, it will only shatter her more. Ignorance is bliss, but the interaction between both genders it will only cause heartache. Throughout the song lyrics played over, “You don’t care how it hurts/ Until you lose the one you wanted” ( Beyonce) in which each others foolishness ended with both people suffering. “I’d kick it with who I wanted/ And I’d never get confronted for it/ Cause they’d stick up for me” (Beyonce). Another interaction I noticed between both genders is the struggle for power. The man has all the freedom in the world and doesn’t have to be questions about it. However, the women wants to have just as much freedom as the man, but can’t because she’s a girl. Beyonce, imagines herself in a role of a boy in a relationship and shows that she would want to reign some freedom for herself. It’s identical to the inequality of genders were the …show more content…
Both carry traits that make them portrayed negatively. The songs obvious hurtful lyrics are towards men, but it does include detrimental opinions if you read in between the lines. The song is all about men and you understand that right away, but with applying the gender studies, I see that both men and women are portrayed in a negative manner. Stereotypes affect me as a women a big deal because there is still obvious things as freedom in a relationship, less pay, and we’re portrayed as the weakling mentally and physically. A song is a way of therapy, dancing, but isn’t looked at for what it really says. Many songs out there illustrate a preference of one gender over the other, so listen carefully because even the innocent songs can contain a little of gender

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