Why Do Jimmie Rodgers Go Crazy

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Jimmie Rodgers, born in 1897 in Mississippi, was a country singer who became famous for his style of yodeling. Jimmie Rodgers’s first Blue Yodel, which became known as “Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas) ”, was recorded on 30 November 1927 in the Trinity Baptist Church at Camden, New Jersey. He was number one country singer in the nation. He died in May 1933. This song is an emotional about the man took Jimmie’s woman from him. He seems like he was trying to get her attention but she’s not because she don’t want him. It’s a good song but his emotional shows how to make people crazy. Most of the people love to listen to his song but some people don’t like the way he say some negative words. He was frustrated and jealous of his girlfriend that the man took her.
His quote said “that stole away my gal” he was getting angry at the rounder
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That man stole his women from Jimmie. It made

people think he was crazy because people thought he was a violent guy. On the other hand, some people love his country song and some people don’t like his song because of his story. Thelma doesn’t want him (Jimmie) because she the other man better. That’s why she made him jealous and frustrated. They generally told of serious trouble, sometimes of violence between men and women, and they rarely had nostalgic or happy endings. They both have some issues about the relationship. He was trying to get back together but it doesn’t work out that way. In conclusion, this lyric was talking about Thelma and the man took her from Jimmie.
This song sound great but it feels uncomfortable to his song. Most of the country people actually like his song as well. He made 12 songs and Jimmie Rodgers was the best artist and the best country song in the Mississippi. He earned Rodgers the monikers Singing Brakeman, Father of
Country Music and America’s Blue

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