Communicating My Family History Essay

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Locating my family history:
In order to get the information to my family chronology, I talked to my parents. One weekend I went home and sat down with both my mom and dad and asked them questions. Originally I had tried to go on sites like but I could not find any real leads unless I had to pay money. Eventually down the line (maybe when I have a real job) I will definitely get a full access account and maybe even do the DNA test.
The questions about me, my siblings, and parents were fine. However some of the questions about my grandparents were a little more difficult to answer. Mainly because all of my grandparents are deceased, so we couldn’t ask them if my parents were unsure. However, I think that my parents both gave the correct information about their parents.

Changes and constancy experienced over the past three generations:
Looking at the patterns of places of residence throughout my family, it is clear that the younger the generation the more the individual moved. On both my mom and dad’s
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For earlier generations in my family, higher education was simply not an option because of the financial burden. On my father’s side, he was the first one to attend college and he only received his associates degree. Previously on his side, both his parents came from families where they were not able to afford college. My mother’s side also had a similar situation except my mom did not attend college. Being the oldest of seven, she was responsible for taking care of her younger siblings, especially since my grandma was busy taking care of my grandpa while he was dying of cancer. Luckily for my siblings and cousins, higher education is a lot more attainable because of our financial situation. In fact, for my sister and I, not going to college was never an option. Over the past few decades, the importance of education in our family

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