My Family Heritage Essay

I am Irish for the most part, I am about 80% Irish and about 5% Belgian, 5% Polish, and 10% German. I have done some research on my family history before this assignment even came up and found out that most of my family heritage is from Cork Ireland. Cork Ireland is the third largest city in Ireland. Cork is in the south western part of Ireland. It has a population of about, 198,582 as of 2011.
Most of my family is all of Irish decent. My mother’s father has a little Polish in him, my mother’s mother has a little Belgium in her, my father’s father is 100% Irish, and my father’s mother has a little German in her. Those are where the different percentages come from in my family heritage. My father’s father was born in the United States,
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My mother’s mother’s family was from another little suburb of Cork called Cobh also in the County of Cork. My mother’s father’s family moved to the United States in 1897, where they ended up in Michigan in 1904 after moving around looking for a place to settle down. The area they settled in was just outside of Carlton in what is now known as Sumpter Township. They also were farmers, they had a small farm in Sumpter and raised cows and chickens. My mother’s father was born in 1920, he was the second of 7 kids all born in the United States on the family farm. My mother’s father stayed on the farm till he was 19 years of age, he then joined the United States Navy in 1939 he stayed in the Navy for 6 years. After he got discharged from the Navy he moved to Louisiana for about two years then moved back to Michigan. My mother’s mother’s family moved to the United States in 1900 where they moved to what is now known as Huron Township. My mother’s mom was born in 1926 on the family farm, my mom’s mother was expected to stay on the farm and raise all her siblings which she had 15 brothers and sisters her being the oldest girl. She never moved away from the farm till she met my grandfather in 1946. They married in 1947 and moved to Wyandotte where my mother was born in 1948 at Wyandotte hospital. My mother was the first of …show more content…
I being a boy played all sports growing up to include football, hockey, soccer, and baseball. As I got older I moved away from all sports except hockey and still play today. Growing up in the family I did I was always encouraged and supported to do the things I wanted to do no matter what they were. My best experience that I can remember as a kid is when I made my first real hockey team I was so proud of myself and my parents were even more proud of me. When I grew up I wanted to be just like my dad hard working and dedicated to whatever he did. When I was 18 and graduated from High School I went to college for a year decided it was not for me so I went in the Army to see if that was something I might like, again trying to be like my father and his father. After being the Army I figured out it was definitely something I enjoyed very much. At the age of 20 I came home on leave and married my high school sweetheart. We moved to Germany and had one son then moved back to the United States and lived in Georgia where my daughter was born. We then proceeded to move around to a lot of different places throughout my Army career and had a few more kids six in total. After retiring from the Army in 2013 I returned back to Michigan where I originally started my journey in life.

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