Just Wright And Brown Sugar: Film Analysis

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The films of this past module include Just Wright and Brown Sugar, these films suggest a larger connection, appreciation and respect for black communities and love interests by the expression of music. Both of the film’s tell a story about a particular love interest and have soundtracks that express the love shown on screen. Also, they both feature sings that express who a black community can survive under attack. There are songs in the films along with the scenes in the movie that suggest healthy black love. Connections and love interests are made in these films through music. A larger love of blackness is shown in these movies through their storylines. In the film Just Wright music tends to suggest healthy black love; for example, the scene where Leslie joins Scott on the piano shows how two people can connect solely based off of their love for music, even though they aren 't romantically together yet they still made a connection by singing and playing the piano keys together. The movie Just Wright has music in it’s soundtrack that emphasizes how a black community can survive under attack. The song in the movie called “dreaming” by Nikki Leonti and Rich Skillz has lyrics that talk about an angel losing her wings, falling from the sky and having her dreams forced to be hidden away; but then the angel saw above all the hate, kept dreaming and eventually rises again because despite falling she got back up again and rose above the pain. This song is an example of how a community …show more content…
Brown Sugar displays how a connection can be made through the love of music. The film Just Wright is an example of how two people can overcome the obstacles they face with love and end up happily together. Both of these movies have music throughout the film that goes into detail what love is like and how to overcome struggles faced in

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