Exegetical Essay: The Prayer Of Jonah

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1. Introduction
Jonah's prayer major debate about (1: 17-2:10), mainly covers three topics. First, it is the authenticity of the poem of Jonah. Scholars have debated about who written the poem of Jonah through him or Insert the later poem. Second, the understanding of the Jonah ‘poem. Some people view is Jonah’s poem is about contents of the convert, On the other hand, There are views that look that still reflects of Jonah's Poem is Jonah's negative attitude. Furthermore, it is development about the third problem. In other words, what is the problem of Jonah’s poem of function in the book of the Jonah? This paper will discuss authenticity of the poem of Jonah.
2. Research problem
3. General objective
4. Related literature
Jonah views
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In addition, the Bewer understood that the Jonah salvation of fish belly already acquired, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, it does not fit the context, to the praise of poetry. This is the salvation that instantly put in the fish's belly but it may be, the author of the book of Jonah is that it does not indicate anywhere that the body of Jonah to accept it. In particular, the complete salvation come true,when the fish is able to spit out Jonah on the land(2:10), he is using the completion type of verb (qtl) salvation in the poetry, he thinks that contrary to the time of the flow of the incident. Therefore, they argue is the poetry of Jonah will be position after 2:10. Furthermore, the chapter 2:1 and 2:10 is the natural connection, the content of poetry is more connection with 2:1 and 2:10. Third, the poetry of Jonah’s style and terms, theology is not connected with other prose. Favorite words in prose, for example, the word big and the word wickedness such words do not appear in the poetry. If we look chapter1 we can see use same verb . The LORD sent a great wind on the sea , and sailors threw the cargo into the sea to lighten the ship. , Pick me up and throw me into the sea . On the other hand, In Chapter 2, verse 3, when Jonah was expressed that God had hurled him into the deep sea. but Instead of this verb , it uses this verse

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