Analysis Of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Essay

1129 Words Apr 29th, 2016 5 Pages
In one of the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quotes, he said that “instruction does much, but encouragement does everything.” As my teacher and supporter, Dr. Droz, you guided me by providing me with your important feedback, and encouraged and motivated me to become a better writer and researcher. I am not saying that before I was not writing essays or I didn’t do as good. But, before I was writing all the assignments and essays to get good grades, which was my only goal. After taking your class, I got the confidence in my writing skills and you made me understand that writing is a very powerful tool and I can use it for myself to voice my opinion. Especially after Writing 1302 class, I feel that I have learned a lot from writing 1302 class and I know that after this class I would not be afraid of writing. Before, I was terrified of even the thought of writing, now I like writing and I like to voice my outlook and support it with the evidence provided from the scholarly journals and articles. Not bragging, but overall, at the end of the semester, I see immense change and progress in my writing because throughout this semester, we did numerous writing assignments, each one of these assignments made me a more insightful person and made me think of the concepts and ideas under different light and made me exercise my creativity and push the conventional boundaries. In the first writing project, which was “This I believe” essay, I was supposed to describe the core value or belief…

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