Essay Analysis Of Jenna Ogier 's Classroom

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In Jenna Ogier’s classroom, guided reading consists of students learning to work independently and participating in small groups as they rotate through workstations. In the video, Ms. Ogier discusses and exemplifies how she manages a classroom of 31 students as they partake in guided reading. That being said, strategies apparent in the video are consistent with Jack Kounin’s model of discipline. Kounin found that good discipline was more contingent on how effective teachers presented their lesson plans, rather than what they did to correct misbehavior after it occurred. Furthermore, he came up with five behavioral techniques that are imperative to preventing misbehavior and facilitating successful classroom management. The video demonstrates some of these concepts; strategies that can also be implemented in my own practice to facilitate successful classroom management.
One of the behavioral techniques evident in the video is what Kounin calls “withitness,” which is the ability of the educator to be conscious of what students are doing in the classroom at all times. In the video, the teacher is working with a small group of students yet is aware of what other students in the classroom are doing. For example, throughout the video, the educator positioned herself within the classroom so that every student was in eyesight. Even whilst working with small groups of students during guided reading, the educator would gaze beyond the group to monitor other students. This is an…

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