My Classroom Rules: My Behavioral Management Plan

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Behavioral Management Plan Within the classroom environment things can get hectic. To help combat this you can implement classroom rules. Rules help create a predictable environment for students where they know the expectations. In my classroom, I want to have a culture of acceptance, honesty, and love. I want everyone to feel like they belong and everyone to get along no matter what it is like outside the room. I also want every student to learn in my class that honesty, though hard sometimes, really is the best policy. I began to think about the rules I wanted to have and in a perfect world I would have 20 specific rules that every child remembered and followed. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and the odds of children remembering …show more content…
First off, it tells the students to respect others and not to take or mess with other people’s stuff. This will let students know that being mean is not tolerated and neither is stealing. This rule also applies to the teacher. It lets the students know that I expect them to respect me and my classroom tools. I once read a quote online that said “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” I feel like this is a very important quote in our world today and I feel that this rule will work well because it teaches students to respect other people choices and …show more content…
I can remember so many times in high school when my teachers just let students sleep at their desks and play on their phones and then students would fail the classes. I also feel that participation is a 50-50 relationship between student and teacher. When I was in high school, I had teachers that wouldn’t even teach anything. They would just sit at their desks and play on their phones while we did work sheets. I hope that if I give my 50 percent participation, the students will give me the other 50 percent.
Rule #5
Always do your best work I chose this rule because I believe it shows students that there is a high standard expected of them. I want them to give school the best effort possible so they can learn the most possible. I hope students will realize that plagiarizing is not their best work and will not be tolerated. I chose these specific rules so that I can create a culture of acceptance, honesty, and love. It is very important to me that students are treated like they matter. In public school, I cannot talk about my beliefs with the student. However, I can show them all the attributes of Christ whether it is love, patience, or acceptance. I want the students to be able to see God in me, so that he can reveal himself to them. I hope that when I am a teacher these rules work as well as they do in

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