Analysis Of Howl 's Moving Castle Essay

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While the film adaptation of “Howl’s Moving Castle” keeps true to a few of the book 's themes, a great deal has been altered. The book focuses on the main characters Howl and Sophie and their conflict with the Witch of the Waste and Sophie 's emotional maturity. While these plot threads are in the film they play a much smaller role, giving way to a conflict with a neighboring kingdom and giving the film an anti-war theme not present in the book. While not a particularly faithful adaptation of the book, “Howl 's Moving Castle” is a capable and charming film that easily stands on its own.

The Sophie of the book is a much more abrasive and emotionally distant character than the film 's Sophie, who is a much kinder and more emotionally in tune character. The book 's Sophie will hide her emotions behind a thick layer of irritation (often taking out her frustration on her customers) and will use cleaning as a way to escape her problems. In contrast the film 's Sophie is much more polite towards her customers regardless of how she is feeling and much more capable of dealing with reality. This gives the film 's Sophie little need to grow emotionally as opposed to the book where her emotional maturation plays a central role.

A major theme of the film absent from the book is an ongoing war with a neighboring country. This war provides the source of conflict in the book and in doing so changes a major part of Howl 's personality, changing his obsession with chasing girls to…

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