Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's Iliad By Homer

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Homer’s Iliad has a plethora of characters, some of whom are two-dimensional and unsympathetic. One such character is Agamemnon. Agamemnon elicits absolutely no sympathy from neither a modern audience nor the audience of Homer’s time. His greediness, poor treatment of women, and his bloodthirstiness appall the modern reader, while his cowardice and lack of honor infuriate the Homeric audience.
Two unappealing traits that we see in Agamemnon from the very beginning are his selfishness and greed. He cares more about himself than the army that is supposed to be leading. The Greek camp has been plagued because Agamemnon refuses return Chryseis. Although he eventually gives up Chryseis, he does so reluctantly and under great coercion. After Chryses pleads with him, he refuses, not listening to the advice of the soldiers (1.31). Even when Calchas, the prophet, says that Agamemnon must give back Chryseis in order to appease Apollo (1.99-106), he responds angrily: “You damn soothsayer! You’ve never given me a good omen yet” (1.112-113). He makes it all about him. He blames Calchas for his problems instead of taking responsibility for offending Apollo. After he gives up Chryseis, he says to Achilles, “So while you have your prize, you want me to sit tight and do without?” (1.142-143). He cannot stand the idea of being the only warrior without a prize. This greediness is a trait that nobody admires, therefore making Agamemnon an unsympathetic character.
Not only is Agamemnon…

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