Analysis Of ' Grey Warden ' Essay

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“Grey Warden?”

Cousland’s smile widened at the reverential tone in Soris’ voice. “It would be remiss of me not to aid another in their vengeance, especially when it is against those who have harmed their family.”

He grasped the hilt of a dagger tucked into his belt.

Soris sucked in a breath, staring at Cousland in disbelief. “You mean…”

Cousland pulled the blade from its sheath. “As I said, word of Vaughan’s cruelties reached even my family home. I can understand your anger against him perfectly.”

While I had no qualms about roughing Vaughn up, I grew concerned when Cousland slid the weapon to Soris. I waited, hoping someone would object to the set up, but the two who had argued against taking Vaughan’s bribe remained silent, satisfied about the man’s fate.

I would have to be the one to speak up; argue for a better option other than murder, like throwing Vaughan back into his cell. He could suffer for his crimes as before. Yet, despite my feelings on the situation, I could not bring myself to say anything.

Soris’ anguished face kept surfacing in my mind; the same expression he wore when Vaughan gloated over his crimes against his wife and cousins. Even if I could ignore Vaughan’s transgressions, I knew my interference would piss Soris off. He would see my alternative as a betrayal, and alienating the one person who showed me kindness in this place was the last thing I wanted to happen. In the end, this was not my world. What say did I have on how they carried out…

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