Analysis Of George Percy 's Article Essay

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George Percy 's article was a primary account of the experiences and hardships the settlers had when they first landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1609. Percy 's work is a firsthand document as he lived through these moments and recorded them for all to see. In fact, he was the President of the council. He talks about the mutinies and rampant starvation in the colony. The purpose of the document is to show the struggles the settlers faced in Jamestown as they tried to make their own colony and attempt to coexist with the Indians. From my perspective, I believe that Percy is writing to the King of England and to the English people to show them what it was really like to live in America and whether or not it was a good place to start expanding their population. George Percy states that there was alot of fighting between the two groups, which added to the tension. In fact, Percy tells the story of how he accidentally shot one Indian. To further the hardship even more, people during this time would resort to desperate measures to keep themselves fed. The author tells the story of a man who killed his wife so that he could eat her (cannibalism). When Percy left the New World in 1612, the food they ate was mostly peas; so they didn 't have much. Percy lets it be known that he is happy to be returning to England towards the end of his article. This document relates to the other readings as it also shows the early years of the colonists discovering the New World and the difficulties…

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