Analysis Of ' Fear Of Darkness ' Essay

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“Fear of Darkness” I’m sitting on a plane with a multitude of passengers I have never met before that are headed to Durango, Mexico. Suddenly, I turned my head to face my mother and asked her, “What does my grandfather’s house look like?” My mother explained, that the house was a two story building with no front or backyard like any normal home in the city. I let out a sigh of relief because I had not visited my grandfather’s house since he passed away 11 years ago. However, my mother mentioned a crucial detail that I couldn’t believe the house was haunted. The trip to Mexico was the moment in my life where everything changed. I knew that any fears or negative vibes I might have had or would experience in my life would pale in comparison. I have matured from a scared little boy to a fearless man. Once we landed at the airport, my mother and I went to the front desk to grab our luggage where we were greeted by my uncle who came to pick us up. On our way home, I notice many tall concrete buildings with black tinted windows and parks right next to them that I no longer recognized. It made me a little uncomfortable because I felt like so much time had passed since my last visit. A few hours later, we arrived at my grandfather’s house. It was just as my mother had described “A two story building with no front or backyard.” As we entered through the front door, I smelled a flowery…

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