Analysis Of Every Kid Needs A Champion

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Megan E. Long
Mrs. Parker
ENG 201-006
4 September 2015
Every Kid Needs a Champion: Rough Draft
“I am somebody. I was somebody when I came. I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. I am powerful, and I am strong. I deserve the education that I get here. I have things to do, people to impress, and places to go” (Pierson). This statement given by Rita Person during her TED Talk about educational reforms sums up her entire speech. Ms. Pierson begins her speech by establishing her credibility with the audience present and from this point on she leads her audience through a journey of her own encounters with education and how she believes that building a strong relationship with her students is the most important key in a successful classroom.
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Pierson states in her speech that building relationships within the class is a key element. She then says, “Everyone in this room has been affected by a teacher or an adult” (Pierson.) With this statement, her audience has something to reflect back on and makes her topic more relatable. She then proceeds to tell the audience how doing simple things, like apologizing, helps build a stronger relationship. She tells a story that happened to her personally about teaching a lesson wrong to her class, realizing it and then going back to the class the next day and apologizing to them (Pierson.). This story also helps build her credibility because this really happened to her and because of this mishap, she was able to create a relationship with her students because she didn’t try to act like she had taught it right or just ignore the fact that it was wrong, she owned up to it and apologized and that takes a lot of guts to do in front of young children.
Throughout the talk, Rita relies heavily on emotional appeal to connect with the audience. Not only does her talk have a tone of sadness behind it, she also uses humor as well. During her talk Ms. Pierson talks about having classes that were so academically deficient that she cried. This emotion alone is enough to really get the audience thinking “Wow, she really cares about the kids in her class.” Not only was Ms. Pierson worried about raising the students academic achievement; she was also wanting to raise their self-esteem at the
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Throughout her whole speech she throws in small jokes here and there, but during the speech she gave about her mother she uses humor to lighten up what she is discussing. Pierson states that at her mothers funeral, former students attended and it brought tears to her eyes, not because she was gone but because of the legacy of relationships that she built and could never be replaced. After this story she then says, “can we stand to have more relationships? Absolutely. Will you like all you children? Of course not. And you know your toughest kids are never absent. Never” (Pierson.) With this line, the audience laughs because as teachers themselves, they know the truth in this statement and they can all relate to it. At some point in their career they have all had at least one student that wasn’t their absolute favorite and with the statement that Pierson gave they can all reflect back to that student and can relate better to what she’s saying and can find humor in the truth she’s

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