Analysis Of Eugene O ' Neill 's Strange Interlude Essays

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Art itself takes up different forms, and that is what makes it quite difficult to define. Art plays a major role in our daily lives by enhancing the richness within it. Art can stimulate various parts of our brain to trigger various emotions, all of which vary from the piece of art being presented (Pressley, 2012). It offers individuals a way to be creative, as well as giving people a chance to express themselves. Art has transformed over time taking various dimensions.
The modern artwork is different from the traditional art. Artifacts or performances are pieces of art through which their creators portray a significant degree of aesthetic interest. As understood, art has quite a complex history, defined by the development of new genres and artforms per se (Pressley, 2012). This paper will conduct an analysis of Eugene O 'Neill 's Strange Interlude, a dramatic play that was presented in the theaters in 1928. It 's written in the context of a naturalistic tragedy.
Play Analysis
The years between the World Wars were quite extreme, and this is when the play Strange Interlude was created. This is quite an interesting pick due to the twist and drama that it carries with it, presenting a theme of love and the resulting events which surround the characters within the play. The plot of the play surrounds the main character, Nina Leeds, and the events in her life (Case, 2008). The play skillfully utilizes symbolism to develop the plot of the play. The protagonist is…

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