Summary: Execrable Human Traffick

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What is art? Art can be presented in different ways such as painting, music and poetry in people’s daily life. Art which is presenting around people keeps changing over the time because when students study at the classroom, those desks and tables which they use are artworks. But when students look at their shoes, those shoes they wear are also art. Therefore, art is in a constant state of change and nobody can exactly define what art is. But artwork shares the same concept—art is form and content. Art presents in certain structures—visual, verbal and vocal—and it is full of content—meaningful. Based on the information from the internet, Martin Heidegger “have interpreted art as the means by which a community develops …show more content…
In the work of art “Execrable Human Traffick, or The Affectionate Slaves,” betraying his ethnic group, the black agent helps the slave traders to maximize the benefit from slavery. In contrast, when this black agent betrays his group, he is able to protest his family and remain the society away from destruction because in the painting, this black agent and the young boy do not get controlled by those slave traders. On that contrary, this black agent has a chance to speak with one of the European. Obviously, this black man does not get hurt by the European because of working as an agent. In his article The Ethics of Living Jim Crow, Richard Wright claims that “here my Jim Crow education assumed quite a different form. It was no longer brutally cruel, but subtly cruel. Here I learned to lie, to steal, to dissemble. I learned to play that dual role which every Negro must play if he wants to eat and live.” The quotation and the black agent shares the common because living under those unfair treatment and discrimination, this black agent learns to play “dual role” in his community so that he could keep his family safe. In one way, he betrays the people in his society. But this black man saves his family because of the change. He adopts this slavery situation in order to maintain him and his family to eat and live just like what Wright does. In this case, this piece of painting shows that those black people must to play “dual role” so that they would obtain the chance of

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